The Ceramic Stove Company

The Ceramic Stove Company specialises in the construction, installation and renovation of Ceramic stoves and ovens worldwide.

I first came upon these stoves over twenty years ago, in a ane example Ceramic Stove installationprevious incarnation that required me to spend my winters in central Norway. I was attracted, initially, by their aesthetics and it seemed to me that there was an untapped market here in the UK, a thought that was reinforced when I found an article in World of Interiors magazine shortly afterwards that heaped praise upon their beauty and elegance but provided few clues as to their source. It was only when I dug deeper that I discovered that their beauty is far more than skin deep…

As a company, we are corporate members of the Ecological Design Association.

All stoves are hand-built on site in accordance with current Building Regulations, BS Codes of Practice 6461 & 8303, ASTM E 1602-94 where applicable and most are exempt from section 21 of the Clean Air Act 1993. Our own ‘Osier’ stove has patent protection.